How to buy a mattress

1.  Determine the use.  Is it for a spare room or regular use.

2.  Determine how you sleep.  Side, back, belly.

3.  Determine a price you prefer to stay under and remember you may go a little over that.

4.  Pick a store to buy from.  Personally I prefer local shops, mom and pop shops over big chain stores.  Simply because the small stores are willing to work harder for your buisiness.

5.  No matter how it may offend you, wight is a issue with mattress.  I.E.  300lb person and 160lb person will sleep on diffrent beds.  As a rule, the heavier you are the firmer a mattress you need.

6.  And always remember, if you get a pillow top mattress you will see a body impression within the first year and it doesn't matter what they tell you.  And yes, it's suppose to do that, and no the warrenty doesn't cover that, it's considered normal wear. 

7.  If you do not really need free things, the price will always be lower.  NOTHING is free, it's just figured into the selling price allready.


Diffrent Kinds of mattresses.

1. Traditional spring system.  Works like a trampoline.  Everyone moves when 1 moves.  Longer lasting, but will break down and roll to the middle when it gets worn out.  Or, springs feel like they are popping through on lower end mattresses. 

2.  Individual Coil Wrapped Springs.  Each spring works independently to support you.  When one person moves, there is less to almost 0 motion transfer.  1 moves the other should not.  This is a much more comfortable system, but you will get body impressions where you sleep faster, you will see dips more visually, you will see a hump in the middle, BUT you will get a much more comfortable sleep as the mattress molds to you individually.  Most companys' are going over to this style of bed as it is so much more comfort.  Simmons beauty rest has used this for years, stearns and foster has gone to it, and some high end sealy are using it.  Most of these beds start at 899 and up. Corsicana has a individual coil wrapped system starting at 440.  Queen set prices.

3.  Memory foam.  You will sink into the mattress.  It will wrap around you and mold to your body better than any other mattress.  The mattress will come in diffrent thickness.  8inch, 10inch, 12inch being the most common.  Most are using a 4lb memory foam which is soft to sink into but firm enough to give support.  A huge missconception is that the imports are 3lb foam, or are bad in some way.  Even the Big companys' are using imported foam, and the imports are using what ever foam the buyer requests.  4lb, 3lb, 5lb.  There is no need to pay 3000 for a mattress when a knock off is made the same and upto 2000 cheaper.  Go with sense not image.

4.  Latex mattresses.  This one is tricky as some people are allergic to latex, but 90% of what is used in mattresses today is synthetic so as not to cause reactions to people with allergys.  Where with memory foam you sink into the mattress and sleep inside of it, Latex is soft and supportive, without feeling like you are sinking.  The regular latex mattress is firm foam core with 2-4 inches of latex on top.  A very expensive one is solid core latex with a few layers of material between you and the latex. 

5.  The benifits of latex and memory foam are almost no motion transfer to your partner when you move, and they both conform to you better.  Latex is more supportive and memory foam allows you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.  Both are great, just depends on personal preference.


Soft or Firm mattresses

1.  The less you weigh the softer a mattress you can usually sleep on.  The more you weigh The firmer you need.

2.  Not all pillowtops are soft, some are firm. 

3.  Unless you sleep on your back 90% of the time, you do not need a super firm mattress, or if you are a fairly heavy person. 

4.  Most people need a plush mattress, not to firm, not to soft, more in the middle. 

5.  Always remember a mattress will soften up some, but you can never make it firmer.  A little firm is good, alot soft usually causes you back pain as well as a super firm can also. 


There is no 1 mattress to fit everyone.  Please take time to lay on your new mattress in the store for 10 mins at least. 


If you have any questions please feel free to come by and talk to us.

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