Introducing Latex Bliss Mattresses

We are now the exclusive dealer for Latex bliss Mattresses.  These are 100% solid Talalay Latex Mattresses. 

If you have been thinking Memory foam, then look into the solid latex mattress. 

Why?  Well that is a good question.

1.  Memory foam gets softer as you use it.  Does not matter who makes it, or what the density is, it gets softer, no choice.  Think of a sponge.

2.  Support for your back.  As memory foam gets softer it looses support.

3.  As you sleep on foam mattresses, you get toxins from the diffrent chemicals contained inside.  Some companys' have less toxins than others, but they all still have them.  This is due to it being a man made material.

Latex Bliss Solid latex mattresses do not have toxins because they are natural, not a man made material. 

Latex Bliss Mattresses over a 20 yr period will only get 6/16 of a inch impression from use.  It holds it's shape and does not soften as a foam mattress does.

As a result Latex Bliss mattresses give support for your body for the full life of the mattress where as foam beds get softer and loose support from use. 




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